07/20/2024 Ecstatic Dancing 12:30pm - 2pm

Join Soulwork by Nico

at The Living Well Center of St. Louis for an afternoon of releasing, relaxing and resetting.

The Living Well Center of St. Louis-130 Clarkson Executive Park Ellisville, MO 63011

Countdown to a more balanced YOU....release what does not serve you and embody creative energy through ecstatic dancing.

What to Expect:

A full hour and a half afternoon session to bring you back to a blissful and peaceful place of balance by releasing stress and tension in the body through ecstatic dancing.

Nico will guide you through specific body movement sequences to open, release and balance your body. Through these ecstatic dancing sequences, your mind, body and spirit will sync to your energetic being releasing what does not serve you and opening your energetic body up to receiving the healing components of the dance.

 Nico will end the session with an opportunity to ground yourself, ask questions and  process your experience.


$25.00 USD