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About me

Hi, I’m Suzanne! I can’t wait to help you live the life you want.

Suzanne Rodgers, MA, LPC

Are you ready to LIVE WELL?  I am here to help!  Through my different programs, I will assist you in rediscovering your true authentic self by conquering your negative mindset and self-sabotaging behaviors so you can develop a healthy connection with yourself and others. 

I will be your biggest cheerleader by holding you accountable for your goals while motivating you to be intentional about living your best life! 

I bring with me a wealth of expertise that has been built upon through my experiences in education, being a licensed professional counselor, school counselor, transformational and professional coach,  public speaker, and writer, and through my own journey of discovering what brings me joy.  

What truly brings me joy and feeds my soul is being able to witness the beauty of my clients starting their journey feeling disconnected from themselves, others, and the community then ultimately growing to love the person they are and then sharing that love with others.  That is when true healing takes place! 

Are you ready to take that leap and say YES to LIVING WELL and YOURSELF?  Do it today!  YOU won't be disappointed!

My Healing Modalities

Find inner peace and live a more balanced life.

My method for living a more peaceful life is simple and easy to follow. It combines everything you need to align the body and the mind for total balance.

Individual Therapy

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Empowerment Coaching

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Reiki Energy Healing

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Sound Therapy

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Group Coaching

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Sister Retreat

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Want to Learn More about Healing Modalities?

Not sure if this approach is right for you? We welcome your questions. Find out if one or more of my Healing Modalities may be right for you!